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I started Par3 Equity Partners with one goal in mind. To provide quality services to the private equity investment community while playing an integral role in helping software/technology companies reach their goals they have for their businesses. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you. Whether we provide a retained search for high quality investment opportunities or helping your company reach the next level. You have my commitment we will be the right partner for you and your company. – Patrick Buckley, CEO and Founder, Par3 Equity Partners

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We provide a discovery roadmap of what key areas are important you your firm.  From there, we define a success roadmap that includes revenue targets, management team, technology and industry platform desired.

Par3 is more than financial analysts reviewing spreadsheets and financial statements. With over 25 plus years in the enterprise technology space working for some of the biggest players in the industry.  We go deeper to better understand if the potential acquisition has a best in class software/SAAS platform, high customer retention, and a modern technology platform that can grow and expand post acquisition.  We look for diamonds in the rough that need capital and vision to grow and expand their business.

The short answer is…..we are flexible :). from monthly retainer to fixed success fee.  We can come up with the right model for you.

At Par3 we maintain a fixed number of clients at a time.  This is what makes us different from other buyside firms.  We see our relationship as a partnership through the lifecycle.  From finding the targets for acquisition, identifying the right management fit, and providing post acquisition services to ensure success moving forward.

Par3 Value Lifecycle

From acquisition identification to post close support. The Par3 Value Cycle provides the framework for success for your new addition to your portfolio of companies


Buyside target identification through our vast technology network.


Technology vetting of acquisition target. Is this the right investment for you?


Cultural fit? will they be successful in your portfolio?


Sales/operation analysis and support post acquisition. Whether at the board level or working with the sales organization.

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